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6 Key Benefits of a Serviced Office & Why You Need One

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For most companies renting office space is a huge expense. The standard contract for an office space will have you bound to 3-5 years. Moreover, you’ll also have the expense of furnishing the office and buying expensive equipment to suit the requirements of your employees. However, if you can’t afford this, you’ve always got another […]

Office Toys: Making the Office a Happier Place

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In recent years, many new age companies located all over the globe have started to incorporate office toys in their setup. Amongst the lot, one can usually find small trinkets, foosball tables, PlayStations, poker tables amongst others. Yet, the inclusion of these adult toys has sparked off many a debate amongst employers. Whether you rent […]

The Modern Work Environment – Will it spell disaster or ignite productivity?

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  The new millennium has brought about a profound change in the modern work environment. Indeed, gone are the days when an office was seen as just a space to carry out work related tasks as employers are now choosing to merge living space and the working environment into one; effectively increasing productivity in the […]

Realise your dream of independence – rent an office and be your own boss

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Realise your dream of independence by starting your own business. This can be challenging with all the things you need to know. There is licensing, operating regulations, budgets, not to mention that affordable office space in Malta is hard to come by. You may have only limited resources to invest in your new business. This is […]

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