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To put it simply, The Hub is a dynamic, fast-growing enterprise dedicated to supporting other dynamic, fast-growing enterprises. Our sole aim is to provide the means for your venture to succeed in a modern, stylish environment that you can afford.

All our clients receive the same level of professional care, whatever their size or scope. Whether you’re a freelancer wanting a business presence or a multinational wanting a regional base, you’re all valued equally.

We have invested heavily in our office spaces to create a contemporary, comfortable feeling that balances informality with that professional persona your business needs.

Pet Friendly

The Hub Workspace has a long-standing pet-friendly policy. Since our very first days, well-behaved pets have always been allowed in our offices, as we understand that it’s one of the ways to keep a casual, innovative, and exciting work environment.

With lots of flexible space, enviable amounts of light

and plenty of support facilities on tap,

there really is no need to go anywhere else!

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